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RapidShare Manager (RSM) [2008]

Popis / Overview:
The RapidShare Manager is a user friendly tool to upload and download files from The multiple setting possibility's allow the professional up- and downloading for beginners and experienced users. Upload is possible for premium, collector's and free user. Premium users can upload files with a file size up to 4.000 MB. Files bigger than 100 MB can only be downloaded by Premium users, unless the files have been a direct download and the traffic is paid by the file holder. Additional information to this feature can be found in the Premium Zone.

[ PREMIUM-Account ]
Please enter your login and password at Premium-Account in the settings. You can choose the upload method (premium, collector's zone or free user) for each file.
[ Upload ]
The upload of your files using Rapid Uploader is very simple. Choose the card Upload and drag all desired files to the list and drop them or click on the blue button and choose using the file chooser the files. All files have been added now and the upload starts. Upload can be made as Premiu, Collector's or Free user. You have the possibility to choose how many parallel uploads start at the same time.
[ RSM Link ]
You can create a RSM link to provide a lot of files within one link. The RSM link can be handled with the RSM. Choose the files to make a RSM link and then click on RSM. You can add a comment. The comment will be shown to everyone who downloads the files using the RSM link. Please be aware that the RSM link is only for the RSM and some users do not use the RSM. You should always provide an additional normal download link.
[ Download ]
Choose the card Download and click on the blue button. You can add any text. RSM will extract the RapidShare download links and check if the files are still available. You can choose which files to download by deselecting unwanted links in the link list. If desired you can determine the save location and add a note to the download. You can edit a note to a download within the download queue. Click with the right mouse button to see the option menu. Click on download to start the download. You can determine how many downloads are possible at the same time. Finished downloads can be viewed/started by double clicking the entry.
[ Account/Konfiguration ]
All in all the RapidUploader has a lot of settings, so everybody can set this tool up to his needs. Just download and check it out.



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