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Mobile Media Browser MobiMB v3.4.0.0 | 1MB

Popis / Overview:
Make the most of the latest colour Nokia phones! Many of Nokia’s modern handsets contain a full file manager (gallery), enabling you to store photos, ringtones, music and other files supported by your phone. MobiMB is the first software product to enable full access to these features in your phone, and also contains a range of special features for specific handsets, including the ability from your PC to set operator logos, startup and shutdown logos and more (handset-dependent).

Click for full size imageBrowse your gallery and drag and drop images, MIDI files, photos, music and Java MIDlets to and from your phone from your hard disk! Right-click to set a logo. The files can be ringtones, full colour wallpapers, transparent colour operator logos, startup logos or games and applications and other file types supported by your phone.

MobiMB installs on your Microsoft Windows PC, and connects directly to your handset using a standard cable or infrared port (available separately).

(denoted by *) is unofficial at the present time.

Nokia 1110/1110B/1110i/1112
Nokia 1112b
Nokia 1600/1600B
Nokia 2112
Nokia 2125/2125i
Nokia 2255
Nokia 2300/2300B/2310
Nokia 2355*/2362*/2365i*/2366i*
Nokia 2367i*
Nokia 2600/2600B
Nokia 2610/2610b/2650/2651
Nokia 2652
Nokia 2855*/2855i*/2865*/2865i*
Nokia 2875*/2875i*
Nokia 3100/3100b/3105/3108
Nokia 3120/3120b/3125/3128
Nokia 3129/3152/3155/3155i
Nokia 3200/3200B/3205/3205i
Nokia 3220/3220b
Nokia 3230*/3250*
Nokia 3300/3300B
Nokia 3510
Nokia 3510i/3520/3530/3560
Nokia 3570/3585/3585i
Nokia 3586/3586i/3587i
Nokia 3588i/3589i
Nokia 3590
Nokia 3595
Nokia 5100/5100A/5140/5140b
Nokia 5140i
Nokia 5200*
Nokia 5300*
Nokia 5500*
Nokia 6010/6011i/6012/6015
Nokia 6015i/6016i/6019i/6020
Nokia 6020B/6021/6030/6030B
Nokia 6060/6061/6066/6070
Nokia 6070B/6080
Nokia 6085*/6085H*
Nokia 6100/6101/6101b/6102
Nokia 6102b/6102h/6102i/6103
Nokia 6103b/6108/6111/6112
Nokia 6125/6126/6131/6133
Nokia 6133b/6135/6136/6136b
Nokia 6151/6152/6155/6155i
Nokia 6165/6165i/6170/6170B
Nokia 6175i/6178i
Nokia 6200/6220/6225/6225i
Nokia 6230/6230b/6230i/6233
Nokia 6234/6235/6235i/6236i
Nokia 6255/6255i/6256/6256i
Nokia 6260*/6260b*
Nokia 6265/6265i/6270/6275
Nokia 6275i/6280/6282/6288
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 6560/6585/6585i
Nokia 6610/6610i
Nokia 6620*/6630*
Nokia 6650/6651
Nokia 6670*/6670b*/6680*/6681*
Nokia 6682*
Nokia 6800/6800A/6810/6820
Nokia 6820B/6820i/6822/6822b
Nokia 7200/7200B/7210/7250
Nokia 7250i/7260/7270/7270B
Nokia 7280/7280B
Nokia 7360/7370/7373/7380
Nokia 7600
Nokia 7610*/7610B*
Nokia 7710*
Nokia 8800/8800d (Sirocco)/8801
Nokia 8910i
Nokia 9300*/9300i*
Nokia 9500*/9500b*
Nokia E50*
Nokia E60*/E61*/E62*
Nokia E70*
Nokia N70*/N70-5*/N71*/N71-5*
Nokia N72-5*/N73-5*/N73*/N75-3*
Nokia N80-3*/N80*/N80 (02)*
Nokia N90*/N91-2*/N91-5/N91-6*/N92*
Nokia N93*/N93-5*/N95*

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